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Delays in filming schedules are probably the single most common and costly cause of claims made by producers. Each day's delay in a typical £2 million budget film can easily cost £30,000 - £40,000 - an exposure that remains constant throughout the shoot, for 26 weeks or more.

A Chesterfield Film and Television Production package covers events that can cause delays to filming. We can tailor a policy to specific needs, making additions or amendments as necessary.


Additional costs due to delays caused by accidents or injury to cast

Additional costs due to delays caused by loss or damage to film  
  negatives or videotape

Additional costs due to delays caused by faulty stock, camera and
  processing; equipment problems during filming, or with raw stock during
  filming or in the laboratory

Cover for lost time due to damage to a location or equipment.

Trust your company to the experts

Chesterfield has a track record in creating unique insurance solutions and our success is founded on an in-depth knowledge of the industries we cover.

Our understanding of the industry allows us to tailor a policy to suit your specific needs, delivering precisely the right protection at competitive prices.

We cover five types of insurance in this area: Events cancellation/Corporate Protection, Film & Media, Non-appearance, Confidential life and Litigation delay.

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