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We cover five types of insurance in this area: Events cancellation/Corporate Protection, Film & Media, Non-appearance, Confidential life and Litigation delay.

Event cancellation/Corporate Protection - We cover those involved in major sporting and corporate events, such as broadcasters, sponsors, and individual entrepreneurs, as well as organisers of and exhibitors at conferences, exhibitions, trade shows and concerts.

Film & media - Covering makers of TV films, documentaries and feature films against non-appearance of cast, and additional re-shooting costs following loss of or damage to negatives, props, cameras and other technical equipment.

Non-appearance - We protect promoters, conference organisers, managers and the like against the non-appearance of talent, from conference speakers to opera divas. We can also cover the loss of any fees paid in advance.

Confidential life - Death or disablement insurance for the key talent's contractual value, which can be taken out without the knowledge of the insured person, to cover, for example, upfront fees paid to a rock star or public speaker.

• Litigation delay - Cover for additional legal costs due to a trial or arbitration's delay or cancellation caused by the death of a key person such as a barrister or judge.

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